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T-Mobile Sprint Merger Video

Mergers & Decommissions – One Year Later. 

What Is The Latest On The T-Mobile/Sprint Merger?

It’s been almost a year since Sprint and T-Mobile rocked the cellular world with their application for approval for a merger to the FCC. This application, with the disclosure of “cost-savings” plans to decommission tens of thousands of cell tower sites, sent a shock wave through cell tower owners, consumers and across the country.

As the T-Mobile/Sprint merger application has wound its way through the approval process, the news has been full of pros and cons for and against approval of the merger. Here are some of the latest merger news that has come out.

“T-Mobile, Sprint Get Merger Backing from FCC Chairman” – Wall Street Journal, 5.20.19

“Rift Emerges Between Federal Agencies Reviewing the Sprint and T-Mobile Merger” – The Washington Post, 5.21.19

“Why a T-Mobile-Sprint Merger Could Be ‘Devastating’ for Consumers” – MarketWatch, 5.21.19

“T-Mobile and Sprint Merger; Here’s What You Need to Know” – CNET, 5.22.19

“T-Mobile-Sprint Merger Is Approved By Hawaii Utility Commission” – Bloomberg, 6.1.19

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