Crescendo’s Site Marketing & Management Services Can Bring New Revenues and Value to Your Properties, Towers & Rooftops.

Over the next few years, billions of dollars are going to be invested to expand the infrastructure supporting wireless technologies. The increased speeds, implementation of 5G technologies and the bandwidth needed to support the billions of new smart devices will create a windfall for smart property owners and investors prepared to help meet the demands for new cellular antennas and sites. Crescendo Capital Partners is uniquely resourced with the Radio Frequency engineering and equipment knowledge needed to identify the best cellular opportunities in your specific areas and successfully market your properties to these potential cellular tenants.  Our deep technical, legal and financial expertise can significantly increase your likelihood of receiving superior returns on your lease holdings with our site marketing and management services.

Our No-Fee, Proactive Partnering Approach Pays for Itself Many Times over.

When you partner with Crescendo, you can feel certain that we are working for you. Our interests are aligned with yours. We derive our income by increasing yours – there are typically no fees. We share in the profits that we create for you. You benefit from our industry knowledge and expertise derived from years of working with the carriers and in the industry.  Our independence, along with our expertise and financial strength, enables us to think beyond the norm to bring you new opportunities and services. We are paid on performance, whether it’s from new sites we help to bring to you or existing sites where we add value to their holdings. Our rent sharing agreements are unique in this industry.

The Site Marketing Services Needed to Be Effective and Successful.

To understand the needs of the different cellular networks that could utilize your real estate requires deep knowledge in RF engineering and equipment installation. To most effectively market to these firms requires that you be able to access and leverage the lease economics of your and other sites in the area. You must be able to identify the equipment needs and rent potential for various situations in order to negotiate effectively and maximize the financial potential of your sites. Crescendo’s site management and marketing services include:

  • Reviews of Existing Cellular and Network infrastructures – Provides an overview of the current coverage situation and offers insight into the immediate and longer term potential in a selected location
  • New Site Valuations – With our extensive database and industry expertise, we are able to identify other sites in your area that may be attractive to prospective cellular tenants.
  • Comprehensive Offer Packages for Prospective Tenants – Package provides an overview of the viability of the property for cellular placements. Includes: location-specific information about surrounding network infrastructure, zoning, permitting, structural review, radio frequency analysis and construction considerations
  • Lease Valuations – Do you know the current fair market value of your site leases? We can provide you with an up-to-date appraisal and offer you a range of options toward improving or cashing in on your leases’ value.
  • Lease Negotiations – Crescendo will negotiate lease terms with potential tenants in conjunction with you and your legal council. Includes: Rent negotiations, escalation terms and amounts, lease-term extension, termination rights, utilities & taxes, right of first refusal and confidentiality.
  • Renewals and Renegotiations – Site owners near the end of an agreement or feeling pressure from tenants for rent concessions can trust Crescendo to provide an honest assessment of their situation and assistance in helping to protect and maximize the value of their leases and earnings.

Our Site Design Management Services Protect You and Your Site’s Value

Once you have a lease executed, Crescendo helps to ensure that that plans and equipment installations are done according to your agreement and situation.

  • Crescendo’s team will work with the carriers to ensure they minimize the space they utilize on the site in order to preserve the ability to attract additional tenants to co-locate on the site.
  • Efficient use of carrier space and equipment – Each carrier’s entitlements need to be optimized for the proposed equipment but limited so future upgrades are excluded to preserve the opportunity for future additional rent.

Our Site Management Services Relieve You of Access and Maintenance Responsibilities

Upon execution of a lease, the term of the Crescendo market and management agreement becomes coterminous. Crescendo will be responsible for the management of the ongoing day-to-day aspects of the cell site including:

  • Tenant access to the site for equipment maintenance and installation
  • Analysis of proposed equipment upgrades and lease amendments
  • Rent collection

Opportunity Zone and Other Development/Sales Options

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 provides attractive tax incentives and opportunities for investments in selected communities. Commercial real estate investors and developers look to Crescendo to enhance their investment returns. The tidal wave of growth in 5G technologies is going to greatly expand the possibilities for cellular placements in existing and new structures. And the development of opportunity zones across the US should provide a myriad of new placement opportunities. Contact Crescendo today to see how we can open cellular opportunities for you.