Fund New Ministries, Add New Facilities Or Take Care Of Unexpected Needs, Without Another Capital Campaign.

Nonprofits and cellular lease payouts

Raising capital can be quite a roadblock or distraction for nonprofits. Most groups would rather save their energy and enthusiasm for programs and service. Well now, Crescendo’s cell lease purchases are making it advantageous for many churches and other non-profits to convert their cellular ground lease rents into large capital infusions to support their vision, missions and ministries.

The process is simple. Crescendo will work with you to determine what the highest market value there is for your cellular leases. Then, if you decide to move forward, our committed lease advisors will develop a payout program that will best meet the needs of your organization. You keep ownership and control of all of your real estate and no longer have to worry about reduced cellular rental payments or cancellations.

  • Reduces reliance on capital campaigns and special offerings for infrastructure, maintenance and other capital needs
  • Enables greater focus on fulfilling vision, mission and ministries of organization
  • Eliminates risk of cellular lease cancellations and rent reductions
  • You retain control of real estate with future upside potential – participate in new revenues from new cellular tenants, upgrades and rent increases

“Our nonprofit organization was able to tap into new found cash for our NGO activities through the Crescendo financial program. The Crescendo team was able to fund our deal while satisfying our existing lenders. A win-win for all concerned. We highly recommend the Crescendo team to other NGOs and other cellular landlords looking for innovative financial solutions”

Major NGO and Verizon landlord in a major city