Cell Lease Buyouts Turn Your Ground Lease Into An Amazing Source of Capital.

Even if you think your current cellular lease rates are too low, you’ll be amazed how much immediate cash cell lease buyouts can produce when you work with Crescendo Capital Partners through cellular lease buyouts. Our committed lease advisers are experts at helping you maximize the cash value of your cellular leases.

Crescendo experts offer deep experience in cell site management and marketing along with the technical, financial and legal expertise required to structure a payout solution (cellular lease buyout) that will work best to meet your specific needs. From maximum-value, immediate cash payouts, or deferred, structured payouts or options that deliver significant cash now and offer future earnings participation, our committed lease advisers can deliver a solution that works for you. You set your goals and control the process, we make sure you get the capital you need, quickly and without any hassles or pressure.

You’ll Appreciate Our Simple, Straightforward Tower Lease Acquisition Process.

Consult & Evaluate
First, we listen to understand your situation. Then we review your site and provide you with an appraisal of its current worth and discuss ways to maximize the value of your leases.

Solutions Development
Our team of cellular and financial professionals will develop payout options designed to fit your unique needs and situation. We can offer you opportunities to benefit from future new lease revenues.

Quick Closings & Payouts
Our streamlined process means faster closings and less paperwork. You get your cash and maintain control of your real estate while eliminating any risk of future rent reductions or cancellations.
Get Started Now with your Cellular Lease Buyout

“When we choose Crescendo, maximum value and certainty of funding were key points to us as a real estate development firm.  We also saw the value of their telecommunication expertise for site management.  We will maintain an ongoing interest in the development of the surrounding land, so we needed to know that we have a knowledgeable, professional and honest partner on our site.  We are satisfied with Crescendo and would recommend them to other property owners.  We look forward to working with Crescendo on future transactions.” 

New England Real Estate Investor