Ideas and Information

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Ideas and Information

Ideas and information, as well as additional insights on cellular lease values, buyout lease acquisitions, typical termination provisions, tax benefits and more is available below.

Five Good Reasons To Consider Selling Your Cellular Ground Leases

If you have a cellular ground lease for a tower or other installation on your property, chances are you’ve considered selling it at one time or another. High cellular ground lease prices, news of lease cancellations and the desire to obtain a large cash buyout are among the most frequently noted reasons when a ground lease owner approaches us to find out how much capital a cell tower acquisition could net them.

Municipalities Need To Protect The Value Of Their Cellular Ground Lease Income

The last thing most municipalities and local governments need is additional pressure to do more with less income. Well that could be coming your way, thanks to new cellular technologies, legislative initiatives to reduce cellular rent rates and pressure from telecoms for future rent reductions on existing leases.

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