Capitalize On The Capital That’s Locked In Your Cell Site Leases.

The truth is, for many property owners, cellular leases can be more valuable today than ever before. Now you can turn your future cellular rental payments into large, immediate cash payouts that you can use today. You get the funds you need to take advantage of wealth-building opportunities, pay off debt, expand or buy a business or make a dream come true. And there are no more worries about rent reductions or lease cancellations. The cellular ground lease optimization experts at Crescendo Capital Partners can walk you through the process in just minutes and give you an estimate of the current value of your cell site.

As the innovator in helping owners maximize the value of cellular leases, Crescendo will create a custom cell lease purchase solution that delivers top value in a manner that fits your needs. You can take the money in a single, lump-sum payment, opt for our unique deferred structured payout plan or consider options that offer a high cash payout today and participation in future revenue streams.

“Crescendo took a win-win approach to our negotiations. I wanted a fair deal and straight talk. I felt as though I was talking to decision makers, not brokers or uninformed sales people.  Crescendo did not re-trade me at the closing, and Crescendo funded the deal with their own capital. I received the deal I bargained for.  The whole process went very smoothly, without the frustration and pressure we felt from other potential buyers. It was great to work with such knowledgeable professionals who helped us secure the funds we needed.”

KC, Missouri