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    Our Immediate Cash Buyouts & Options Make It Easy and Lucrative For You To Get The Capital You Are Seeking

    Lately a lot of cellular ground lease owners have decided that this is a great time to cash in on their lease holdings and take advantage of immediate cash buyouts. With cellular lease valuations at all time highs and growing concerns about the effects of new technologies and cell company consolidations, immediate cash buyouts offer a great way to lock in the value of your cell site leases.

    Many owners are coming to Crescendo because our immediate cash buyouts provide the capital they seek in a manner that best fits their needs. Crescendo professionals will give you a valuation on your cell leases and explain our different cash buyout options. With us, the process is clean, straightforward and easy to understand:

    • Clear, uncomplicated agreements with timely fundings and no fees
    • Both immediate lump-sum cell lease buyouts and multi-year structured buyouts
    • Immediate cashouts with revenue sharing opportunities on new tenants and equipment

    For more information and a free no-obligation valuation, click here, or call 203.972.3200.

    New Technologies May Make Immediate Cash Buyout Options More Attractive

    Over the past couple of years, there has been a significant amount or research and development into technologies that could reduce the need for cell towers in the future. CNBC has reported about new technologies where “mobile phones will become part of the transmission network” which will could greatly reduce the need for as many towers.

    5G networks and small cell technology are also likely to affect the revenues available from some cell phone towers in the future. As reported in American City & County, these technologies require smaller footprints and will be less expensive than traditional cell phone towers. Plus, there is a push in many states that will require  municipalities lower the rental rates cellular carries have to pay for facilities located on public properties.

    Immediate Cash Buyouts for Rooftop Cell Towers