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cell site lease cancellation threats

Cell Site Lease Cancellation Threats, Be Prepared: The Next 6-12 Months Could Greatly Affect The Viability And Long-Term Value Of Your Cellular Assets.

Cellular leases have been a valuable asset for the majority of property owners. Moving forward, the growth of new technologies should continue to drive demand. But some significant factors can negatively affect your future rental income and the value of your leases. You need to consider these cell site lease cancellation threats and be ready to act to avoid loss of income or value.

Pressure To Lower Expenses – The cost of recent the T-Mobile merger, restructuring of certain carriers, and the tremendous expense of implementing 5G technologies have led to an increased movement to decommission, renegotiate or restructure leases in favor of the cell carriers. This puts leaseholders at a significant disadvantage as most existing leases can be canceled or restructured at any time.

Changes in Tax Laws – Increasing the personal tax rate and higher capital gains rates for some individuals, eliminating 1031 Exchanges, and raising corporate tax rates have all been proposed. These could have a negative effect on your site lease income and value.


The cellular ground lease experts at Crescendo Capital Partners can equip you to protect your asset values despite cell site lease cancellation threats. We can provide you with free accurate, current valuations of your site leases and offer insight about cash buyouts and other options to protect and maximize the potential of your site leases.

To learn more, contact the dedicated team at Crescendo Capital Partners at 203.972.3200 or We are happy to discuss your needs or interest you may have in selling your site leases.