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How Does The Approval Of The T-Mobile/Sprint Merger Affect The Viability And Value Of Your Cell Site?

The long-awaited T-Mobile/Sprint merger appears to be days away from final approval. Unfortunately for tens of thousands of cellular leaseholders, the future of their cellular site income continues to be up in the air. Are you looking at a future with new leases, no leases or something in between? Here’s what we do know:

T-Mobile merger documents called for decommissioning 35,000 cell sites.

Dish Network has the option to consider some decommissioned Sprint or T-Mobile sites but is not obligated to take any.

• The T-Mobile 5-G rollout is underway, which will include the addition of thousands of small cell sites. These changes may affect the contract status of existing towers.

• Merger expenses, new equipment requirements, and future consumer price concessions may drive pressure to reduce cost via lease rent reductions.

• May affect AT&T and Verizon leases due to increased competition to fill Sprint sites.

So, many smart cellular site owners are examining their options and contemplating selling their site leases while prices are still solid. In addition to receiving an immediate cash payout, you can eliminate the future risk of lease cancellations or rent reductions.

At Crescendo Capital Partners, our cellular experts can help you make a thorough appraisal of your situation to determine what’s best for you. Our tailored buyout solutions ensure you get maximum after-tax value and payoffs to fit your individual investment needs. We can even offer multi-year payouts and future revenue opportunities on your site.

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