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Infrastructure Fund for Cellular Lease Acquisitions

Crescendo Capital Partners Closes Third Infrastructure Fund Focused on Cell Tower and Cellular Lease Acquisitions

Crescendo Capital Partners, LLC  announced it has closed its third infrastructure investment fund which will be dedicated to cell tower and cellular lease acquisitions, as well as billboard and alternative energy assets, such as solar fields and wind turbines. Since 2011, Crescendo has been a leader in the acquisition of cellular sites and has expanded its portfolio by recognizing opportunities created by the expansion of new cellular technologies as well as the growth of alternative energy generation facilities. As part of the funding, Crescendo received both equity capital and a dedicated acquisition credit line.

Ken Saverin, Crescendo’s President & CEO, stated “The investment funding enables Crescendo to continue to expand our business and capabilities on a national basis. In cellular, we continue to see opportunities as part of the deployment of innovative technologies.”  Crescendo’s portfolio includes the acquisition of cell towers, as well as cellular installations on building rooftops, water tanks and other structures.

“All cellular lease acquisitions are internally funded as we act as a principal for our own account,” said Saverin. “We do not broker deals and we do not act on behalf of telecom tenants.  Crescendo is independently owned and operated, and remains free of any conflicts with site tenants, thereby properly aligning its interests with those of its property owner customers. Furthermore, Crescendo frequently forms partnerships with its landlord customers that have produced excellent returns in many cases for landlord partners based upon Crescendo’s expertise in site management.”

Crescendo continues to work with a wide variety of cellular property owners, such as municipalities, individual and corporate property owners, not for profit organizations, golf courses and homeowner associations.  It offers a variety of financial products designed to maximize the value and investment returns and objectives of its customer base.

About Crescendo Capital Partners, LLC

Founded in 2011 and headquartered in New Canaan, Connecticut, with offices in Massachusetts, New York and California, Crescendo Capital Partners is a financial services company specializing in the acquisition of infrastructure assets related to cellular, billboard and alternative energy (e.g., solar and wind farm) ground leases on a nationwide basis.  The founding members of management include Ken Saverin, president and chief executive officer, and Lisa Allen, managing director and head of marketing.